Servohydraulic for Composites

Tools for Composites Fatigue

Have you noticed an increase in the levels of research and testing carried out on composites materials?

Composite materials exhibit some fantastic material properties and ever increasing popularity in light weight applications can present some real challenges when it comes to materials testing. One of the hot topics in composites research is to better understand the accumulation of damage and the fatigue life of composite coupons and simple components. Whilst these mechanics are well understood in the world of metals there is still little standardization in the field of composites fatigue.

If you are struggling to cope with the demands of composites testing on your existing machine or lucky enough to be considering a new machine, please have a look below at some of the great features and benefits offered in the world of composites testing by Instron.

8802 Testing System
Any of the items below are perfect for adding onto your new or an existing Instron testing frame. If you have some end of year budget left over in your lab consider adding any one of them to your existing machine to learn more from your composite materials or improve the accuracy and repeatability of your results. If you need any specific fixtures for your static testing we also support most major static composites standards.


From alignment and frame stiffness, through to non-contacting strain and cycle free system tuning, we have the perfect add-on for your system new or existing to help you get the results you need, first time, every time!