These fixtures are designed to work with universal testing machines to perform an assortment of peel, puncture, burst, and coefficient of friction tests.

Adhesive peel on an Instron 3400 testing system

Adhesive Peel

Instron carries many fixtures to perform adhesive peel tests including Constant and Variable angle as well as Floating Roller and German Rotating Wheel.

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Burst or Puncture

Burst Compression fixtures as well as Puncture fixtures for ASTM D5748-95, ASTM D4649 and for Packaging Materials.

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model 2810-005 coefficient of friction fixture on an Instron 3400


The model 2810-005 coefficient of friction fixture is a testing fixture to measure the static and kinetic coefficient of friction of plastic film and sheet using the ASTM D 1894 standard.

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